I’m still on a high at the moment having just got back from sailing Wazobia, my parents new Beneteau Oceanis 40 on its maiden voyage from the Hamble, near Southampton to Falmouth, in Cornwall.

The weather could not really have been much better – sailing under beautiful star lit skies and scorching sun during the day – although a bit more wind would have been nice as we had to motor-sail for a fair bit.

We left Hamble marina shortly after 1 o’clock in the morning after about an hours sleep (probably shouldn’t have spent so long in the pub!), arriving at Dartmouth at about 1530 for a short stopover, another trip to the pub and a couple of hours sleep before leaving for Falmouth at 0130, arriving at our destination for mid-day.

It was a fairly eventful journey too, what with encountering a surfaced submarine surfacing near Plymouth and then Dolphins escorting us in to Falmouth on the second leg. There are photo’s as usual, which can be found here. (No photo’s of the submarine though as this happened at about 4am under darkness).

Bug Jam 21: 20-22 July 2007

Its only a couple of months away now and i’m kinda excited already! We go every year with a huge group of us. For those not in the know, click here

Last year we took along with us a 6 tonne truck, a stage, a living room suite, a piano, generator, 2kw sound system, a fridge freezer, BBQ, 2 motorbikes, lawnmower and god knows what else. Its possibly the most random event that I have ever been a part of and it’s huge fun.

I don’t know how we will beat that this year… but I’m sure it will be epic.

Apple introduces the iPhone!!

Steve Jobs introducing the iPhone

This is a huge change to anything that what went before and I want one i want one i want one i want one i want one…! Oh and the iPod nano looks incredible too.

Granted, it is odd that it isn’t 3G (not that I get a 3G single most of the time where I live). And brilliantly done.

Edit: I miss the way Steve introduced these huge revelations with, “oh, and one more thing…”/ This truly was a huge came changer and it’s amazing to see how the competition just couldn’t adapt – Palm, Blackberry, Ericsson, Nokia – all of them either a thing of the past or a shadow of their former selves (as far as the mobile device market goes).