Link Building

I’ve been on a mission with Link Building of late, and after the PR of my two websites dropped down to 1 or 2 after our major site upgrade in march, I’ve managed to get UK Cufflinks up to 4! Which was higher than when I started. Hopefully it may go higher still by the time I am finished with my site linking project!

June was a little down on May as despite the fact that the number of transactions was up, the average spend was down. Advertising costs are down for a second month in a row. When I’m happy that I’m spending money on the right keywords, I will have reason to increase spend due to its increased effectiveness.

Increasing business..

As previously mentioned, my two business areas performed fairly poorly in march and april due to installation of a new e-business system.

Part of this was due to the failiure of some 301 redirects which damaged my PR in google (and serps haven’t been too hot either). As an initial remedy I decided to try and increase traffic through PPC whilst creating an ambitious project to cut CPC and increase conversions, this, together with greater stock control and communication with customers has helped see an increase to 150% of the previous months sales whilst reducing advertising costs, as a percentage of revenue by 5 times!

Its always tempting to keep poorly performing adwords on the pretence that they might perform tomorrow, but by getting rid of these you can spend more money on the keywords that are performing. Aditionally, if you have keywords with high impressions and low conversions, try making them more specific and fine tuning these. If they are being seen by fewer people as a result, you can afford to pay a little more for each click through – chances are they will be converting at a higher rate!

This month I will be embarking on projects to increase organic rankings, to counter and hopefully exceed the page rank that I lost and increase my presence in the search engine listings.

Driving down costs

May has seen a drive to lower costs, the main target being google adwords. This has been due to the lull in sales that happened in march and april that has affected our profitability. Now that most of our energies are not being spent on fixing bugs with our new e-business system, time can actually be spent on marketing and providing better customer service.

During this drive, I have re-modeled most of my ad-groups to make them more specific, which has seen conversion rates increase, making each click more valuable and thus allowing the max cost per click to be raised. This in turn means our ads feature higher up the listings and get more clicks, which, going full circle are converting at a higher rate.

This has seen the cost of adwords dropping dramatically from a stagering 25/20% of revenue down to, in some cases, an awesome 95% (my target was 15%!). Our new fulfilment system and its implementation of it has definitely taken our eye of the ball…