CSS Margins – IE & Firefox

If you ever get margins in IE and Firefox being different then you should take a look at this article” by Andy Budd. Its all about the collapsing margins apparently!

The story goes that two elements that have margins will see the margin on the second element collapse if they are touching. I’ve been having trouble with these for months and finally I have a way to avoid it instead of creating crazy workarounds that work for reasons I don’t fully understand!

N73 Fixed (kinda..)

email is no longer sporadic on my N73! (which means i can post via mobile email!). I upgraded to firmware 3.0704.1.0.1 for orange phones via Nokia Updater and then found the proper settings for using 3G, which I was never given by Orange despite several calls to their 3rd level support line…!

Settings for using Orange 3G with a Nokia and a Mac:

Create a new connection called 3G orange.
Download Nokia 3g script from the taniwha website.
Select bluetooth modem as modem of choice.
Select “Nokia 3G CID1” as your modem (after dropping it into your modem script folder in your library file)
In username, type “web”.
In password, type “web”.
In phone number box, type “orangeinternet”.
Press apply now.

If you have trouble, edit bluetooth settings and delete all the current serial port settings for use with the phone before setting up a new bluetooth connection using the above settings. May not work with PAYG phones.

Tech stuff…

I’ll be shifting all my random posts about gadgets, computers, web design and other stuff on to this blog. These are almost all put up as a place to keep links for useful bits and bobs as a personal reference tool – I’m guessing most people won’t appreciate them popping up on facebook and other places where my notes my imported using rss..