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I’ll be shifting all my random posts about gadgets, computers, web design and other stuff on to this blog. These are almost all put up as a place to keep links for useful bits and bobs as a personal reference tool – I’m guessing most people won’t appreciate them popping up on facebook and other places where my notes my imported using rss..

Apple introduces the iPhone!!

Steve Jobs introducing the iPhone

This is a huge change to anything that what went before and I want one i want one i want one i want one i want one…! Oh and the iPod nano looks incredible too.

Granted, it is odd that it isn’t 3G (not that I get a 3G single most of the time where I live). And brilliantly done.

Edit: I miss the way Steve introduced these huge revelations with, “oh, and one more thing…”/ This truly was a huge came changer and it’s amazing to see how the competition just couldn’t adapt – Palm, Blackberry, Ericsson, Nokia – all of them either a thing of the past or a shadow of their former selves (as far as the mobile device market goes).