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There are four main classes of cookies/privacy settings used on this site:

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Targeting Cookies:

What cookies do you use and what do they do?

The ‘Status’ cookie is used, somewhat ironically, to store your cookie preference settings. It is classed as an essential cookie.

Performance Cookies
I use Google Analytics to monitor traffic to the site and assess page performance. You can find out about the cookies Google Analytics Cookies in use, and what they do, here.

I use HotJar to understand more about how people consume the traffic on this website. You can find out more about the cookies HotJar uses here.

Functional and Tracking Cookies
Functional cookies allow advertising. Google Adsense is used to provide you with targeted ads in a non-intrusive way. The income generated pays for the operation of the site. Tracking cookies provide an enhanced experience and allow for the adverts you see to be personalised to you. If you opt out of tracking cookies, but still opt-in to Functional cookies (thank you!) then you will see non-personalised adverts on this site.
You can find out more about the cookies used by Google AdSense here and Google also allow you to opt-out of personalised ads on it’s entire platform here.