Pure360 salesforce integration

I haven’t blogged much recently but I thought I’d try and collect some information for other users in order to try and start a discussion.. as a salesforce admin I have been looking in recent months to integrate our email marketing platform (currently Pure360, but I’m open to better ideas) with salesforce.

As it turns out it’s not that straight forward to understand exactly how Pure360’s integration service works and no one at the company seems to be able to answer the question accurately or with any confidence (I’ve heard many different tales about the functionality offered).

The only company that seems to be able to offer any decent integration is ExactTarget (a salesforce company, so no surprise there), however for the number of contacts in our salesforce CRM that we actively mail to, the cost of ExactTarget would be nearly 5x the cost of integration of our current email platform, Pure360.

So, to Pure360.. well the integration user guide and the setup guide offer help about how salesforce campaigns can be used to populate lists in pure360.. so far so good.. but there is very little information available about how the response data is fed into salesforce and I have heard numerous different versions about how it works from their support staff.

Basically I want to be able to see the open, clicked, bounced and unsubscribed stats on the salesforce campaign, but also at the contact (or lead) level too. This would be hugely beneficial for our sales team to understand what a contact/lead has responded to, or just to see marketing messages they have received from us recently.

I also want to be able to report on this incoming data (Pure360 reporting is awful, and incredibly time consuming if you have more than a couple of campaigns to report on). These reports can also drive dashboards to make it easy for me (and those that I report to), at a glance, to see how our eDM campaigns are performing.

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