Review: Philips Ultinon Pro9000 LED H7 headlight bulbs

TLDR: the Philips Ultinon Pro9000 LED bulbs produce a similar (and excellent) level of brightness, colour and beam pattern as the earlier Philips Gen2 LED bulbs. Now with CANbus compatibility and a smaller and simpler bulb package the new bulbs are a heck of a lot easier to install (although still not entirely hassle free).

Update: These bulbs are now listed on Amazon (you can preorder for when they will be back in stock on the 19th of December).

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Guide: Battery Chargers and EFB, Calcium, AGM and Gel batteries; Recon, Sulphation and Stratification explained

In a global pandemic car battery chargers are proving to be handy tools for those who aren’t using their car anywhere near as much as they used to. But with the proliferation of different battery types, start/stop and hybrid battery systems we have seen in recent times, do you know the correct way to charge your car to maximise the life of the battery and prevent damage?

I have posted a number of questions to CTEK customer support over the last couple of years in regards to using my charger on different battery types (the user guide is light on info). Info on the web is also lacking, or sometimes incorrect (many car forums carry inaccurate info). So I compiled this guide as a personal reference and to help others. Whilst it is written primarily for the CTEK MXS range of car battery chargers, much of the information will still be relevant for most other types of charger.

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Guide: Replacing the car key body / key fob (Mondeo mk5 / Fusion / Mustang)

If your key fob is starting to look old and worn, it’s fairly easy to swap the gadgetry inside over to a brand new key body. I made a video, below, that shows the process and a text summary of the steps involved can be found below it, as well as a link to the key fob that I bought from Aliexpress.

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Guide: Cleaning and protecting your Alloy Wheels

Right now in ‘Lockdown’ many are finding the time to do the jobs that don’t usually get done. I’ve never seen so many of my neighbours cars looking clean. So here’s my contribution to getting your wheels sparkling, as well as making sure they are easy to maintain throughout the rest of the year.

Sparkling and protected with a sealant to make them easy to clean on subsequent service washes.

This guide, in my humble opinion, strikes the right balance between ease and aesthetics. It requires an annual ‘deep clean and protect’ that gets them looking great and then a simple and fast way to keep them looking that way at each service wash, without the need for harsh cleaning.

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Common car battery technologies

Find out how your car battery stacks up compared to other types. Make sure you understand the different characteristics, how to look after them, where they should be used and how to charge them.

If you are looking for a good charger, take a look at this CTEK charger on amazon >

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