Install bluetooth handsfree car kit with Ford 6000CD Stereo

Note: This guide has been written with a Nokia bluetooth car kit in mind, but should work with any handsfree car kit that uses an external speaker or that has an auxiliary audio output (I used the Nokia Bluetooth CK-7W Handsfree Bluetooth car kit). A wiring diagram for the head unit connector / wiring loom is linked to at the bottom of this page.

It is really easy to install a car kit that will:

  1. Play / output sound through the car speakers
  2. automatically mute the head unit / stereo

..and you don’t need a £40 wiring adapter from autoleads either!

However: your head unit must have a ‘Phone’ button.

On second thoughts, why install a bluetooth car kit when you can choose to look like a knob, like this guy?

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