Huel discount code – £10 off referral discount code to use on your order

Sign up and spend over £40 on Huel and receive £10 off with this Huel £10 referral discount code (just order via the link and the discount will be applied at checkout) – valid only for new accounts.

You’re welcome 🙂

Update: This code is only valid for orders of at least £40 on bags of Huel (so it doesn’t include accessories and flavour boosts. Talking of flavour boosts Huel have recently announced Huel v3.0 as well as a new lower-carb / high protein version.

I’ve been using Huel for about three years now and I find it really helps for the following reasons:

  • I’m lazy and it take seconds to prepare and lasts for 12 hours outside the fridge and 24 hours in it.
  • I don’t have to think of ideas for work lunches or put up with the work canteen which can be hit and miss (and also starts to get expensive if I go after the Gym on a morning and for lunch).
  • I find if I have my breakfast Huel on my desk I can sometimes delay drinking it until late morning, which means I can delay my Lunch and then I’m less likely to seek out an unhealthy afternoon snack.
  • It’s very good value and even better if you can earn referral codes to get £10 off.
  • I feel like I’m eating really healthy, which means I can splurge on something unhealthy without worrying too much about what my diet is doing to my body.
  • My stool’s are amazing, what with all the fibre in Huel. Sorry, but that has to be a good thing… right?…?
  • The new recipe makes the bottles easier to wash (the old recipe sometimes needed a pre rinse before going in the dishwasher). Again – I’m lazy and this was annoying.
  • Finally, whilst it needed some getting used to, the taste isn’t too bad and the flavour packs help add variety. I find I actually look forward to them now.

Order now through this link and save £10! – no discount code required.

Questions or comments? Let me know!