Voucher: 60% off Gousto recipe box discount code!

“Life as a couple is mostly just asking each other what you want to eat”.

It’s one of those quotes from instagram that has stuck with me. Now, enter Gousto. This has been a life changer for us. Ok, so it is definitely more expensive than the standard DIY approach, but you get something interesting to eat three or four nights a week, many of which only take 15 minutes to prep and cook. All the ingredients are to hand so there are no last minute shopping trips and with clear instructions it requires little brain capacity at the end of a busy day.

We also find that because the stuff in the cupboard is things we want to eat that we aren’t throwing out anywhere near as much expired food. And you can now get 60% off your first box and then 30% off the rest of your orders for the first month.

So, with that in mind, here is a 60% off link:

No voucher code required, just click here to order your first Gousto box and get your 60% off discount.

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