It’s 2021 – can we make annual goals to keep this year from catching on fire? At least for a couple of months?

Well, 2020 was a burning clusterf*ck of a year. Like many we feel as if we went through the wringer with it – although we all still all have our health so have to be thankful of that. Regardless, it felt like everything stood still last year and what with us currently living in a Tier 4 area I thought it might help to actually write some personal annual goals and, perhaps, by posting them here I will be forced to hold myself accountable to achieving more this year.

So, a first draft of things to achieve in 2021:

  1. Get vaccinated. It’s specific and measurable, but I can’t control the time frame. Hopefully it will be this year but this vaccine queue estimator predicts that it is more likely to be sometime in the first half of 2022. I’d be interested to hear what it estimates for you?
  2. Definitely time for a bit of a 5S. Declutter and sort out the storage in our home and my office in order to make both work and home life feel less hectic and suffocating. I am in my home office a lot more than I used to be, so that feels like a good place to start. In the spirit of reduce, reuse and recycle I’ll first be forced to question my consumerism, then get a whole bunch of stuff listed on eBay, before moving on to some better storage solutions.
  3. Increase my earning potential. Expand my professional experience with more sales enablement experience as well as developing and implementing a more collaborative marketing and sales process design without paying too much attention to the all the “2021 predictions for…” content and the latest fads. It needs to serve the organisational strategy rather than just being shiny and new (I’m really bad for that..!)
  4. Strengthen and explore additional income streams. 2020 was the year we started to make money online through content. I spent a bit of time developing the infrastructure that runs this last year. This year my priority will be to reinforce those low to medium traffic content topics on my blog and on my business templates website (an acquisition from last year). A secondary tactic is to match existing content with shopping referral links as well as bringing this strategy into the content generation process when developing new ideas.
  5. For all of us to move more (and eat better). 2020 sucked for personal fitness. So I must carve out time for myself and my wife to develop a solid routine for running and cycling – as well as focusing on getting the kids to do more outside. This is gonna need some additional equipment too – I will not be going back in to the office at a frequency that will enable me to once again be a regular user of the gym there (even if it does open again soon…). So, some push up bars and a slam ball are on order and I might even construct some pull up bars. (See, I’m already achieving goal five right here!). Oh, and my next Huel order has just been placed.
  6. Be a better dad. Spend more time with the kids on puzzles, games, and extra-curricular educational time – even things like learning to code, rather than spending too much time at work, starting at my phone or watching them spend their time online solely consuming the apps that others have built. (Has anyone else’s kids recently become addicted to Roblox?

Questions or comments? Let me know!