GDPR & B2B Marketing

I’ve written an updated post on how the impending ePrivacy regulations will impact on B2B marketing and B2B sales here: Update on ePrivacy’s impact on B2B marketing and sales

This very useful article from the DMA on how GDPR will affect B2B marketing is a must read. Crucially:

“…when emailing or texting, you do not need the prior consent/opt-in from the individual. You can therefore send them a marketing email/text as long as you provide an easy way to opt-out of future communications from you.”

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The 12 Brand Archetypes: Hero, Outlaw, Caregiver, Sage…

Originally posted here (Author:Allan Kunigis) – I’ve pinched it to keep here for my reference.
There are 12 classic archetypes. These cover the spectrum, from those that convey comfort to others to those that create excitement. Choosing the right archetype for your business is essential. But first, review the classic archetypes and understand their role in creating a deep connection with their target market.

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